It is not so much a how to as a why type of question. If you have a good grasp of affiliate marketing then you will have no problem implementing email marketing. This is the simple method of promoting your affiliate products.

1. Firstly locate your profitable niche. Is it a topic you have knowledge about, perhaps you used to work in that area or have been to that area recently and now you write about it. Is it a niche which you have chosen to make a more permanent residence for your business. If so you will need to have a domain name for your business as well as a web host.

2. Choose the appropriate affiliate product. There are many affiliate programs you can choose from. Look for products which have a recurring payment or products which have a high commission rate. If you are promoting a product which is a high commission product you will earn a recurring commission for it which in turn will earn you an income stream from your sales.

3. Write emails. Send emails to your subscribers or find some other way of getting your message out to your target audience. In sending the emails you need to remember that you must be welcoming them to your business. If you are emailing your subscribers and they are not interested then they will lose interest and unsubscribe or they will just delete your emails. You must not forget that this is your business and your business only.

4. Repeat process 2 and 3.

5. Add to your emails i.e. with content and links.

6. Advertise. It is now time to advertise your affiliate products. There are many ways of doing this all depending upon you and your budget. If you do not have a budget then use article marketing as your main advertising method.

7. Build your list. Add all your subscribers to your list. Always keep in mind that you must always be patient in building your list. If you put the effort then you will see the results. You must also keep in mind that the more you remind your list of the products they want the more your list will buy.

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You can now start building your list of subscribers that will become your customer base.

Now that you have got an idea about what you should be doing in setting up your affiliate program then it is time to see what you should not be doing. You can simply review your program and see what could be different.

* Your landing page. The page should be something that attract attention. Something that will grab the attention of your prospects and make them curious to find out more. Something that will make them want to return to your site. Something that will also force them to opt in to your list.

* Your opt ins. It is highly recommended that you collect names from your subscribers. This is a very important step because then you can follow up with them. And in follow up you will need to collect their details.

* Marketing your product. You must be marketing your product through all the methods that you use to promote your business. When you collect names from your list it is important that you keep these names for later use. You may use these names in the future to market other products. This is important because this will give you a bigger opt in list and make more money.

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Your review can help you decide how you want to build your opt in mini network. A good idea would be to test the system out by collecting names from only a few of your subscribers and then follow up with them to collect details.

I would personally recommend that you collect the details of everyone that submits their details to you. This is important because if you do not collect the details of people that subscribe to your list then you will not be able to follow up with them later on.

Some people may not subscribe to your list because they think that it is too much work for them. But you will only need to follow up with them once to set up their email account.

I will suggest that you collect their details once and then use the email account to send them marketing messages. This is important because people do not unsubscribe because they feel that it will be boring. But if you send messages that are related to your list then they will be likely to subscribe to your list.

2. Marketing your products. Do some market research about products that are popular and have good demand. This is important because it will give you an idea about what products you should market. You can use the numbers from the above point to decide what products to market.

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3. Make it attractive to people. This is important because people are looking for reasons to buy products. They look for some good reasons to buy products. So it is very important that you make your affiliate marketing system attractive to them. You must make your business appealing to them. It will make them more likely to subscribe to your list and also to buy products from your online business.